Dear Swedish Parents association

Greetings to you all and hope to find you all in good health and cheer.
I would like to bring the updates of the Carona Virus in India. At present there are more than 70000 affected with this virus and 50000 people recovered from it and nearly 4000 people died with this Pandamic. India is taking neccessary precautionary measures to control the virus.
At present the 4 phase of lock down is going on with some restrictions.
1. Shops will be opened from 6 am to 9 am
2. No public transport allowed except 200 trains all over India and need to book the tickets online which the educated can only do this.
3 No permissions to religious activities, schools and colleges.
4. only 30% of the people are allowed in the offices.
5. No permission to social gathering only 10 allowed to funeral and 20 are allowed to marriages.
6. Every state can change some rules in consultation with the central government.
7. No three people can sit together etc
8. Markers for veggies only from 6 am to 9 am
9. Should wear the masks and using sanitizers is compulsory.
10. Rs 1000 penality if you spit in public.
There are many other rules also included in the lock for the sake of the people.

At challagundla there are only 4 children staying with me along with 5 families. The families and care takers of these children are held in other state as migrant workers. Out of this 2 one boy and one girl are lessening Computer education. All of the children will be back on the 8 th of July mean while I am approaching the commissioner of Disabled welfare to accord permission to our children to bring back them to the Chikdren home because these children are more vulanarable. They have very poor hygiene conditions at their homes and more over
Our’s is a special school for physically challenged the norms to maintain the distance in the classes will perfectly fit to our children since we have only 80 children in the children home. The decision is still pending with higher authorities.
The temperature is 47 degrees now and we have a severe heat in Challagundla. No plantation can be taken place during this time.
We have agreed with the government what ever the additional food we agreed to feed the children will be distributed to the respective children in their villages through our school staff. Rice, dal, chilli powder, oil, salt and sips with sanitizers and masks will be distributed to them with help of our monthly support. Since the state government is also distributed the provisions to the children back at their homes.
Once we receive the support we will distribute the food essentials to our children.
With regard to the milk since there were no children would it be possible for us to distribute the butter milk to the hillside child which is a very health food in the summer. We have 150 families like on the top of the hill from a nomad community. They are very poor and depend on rat catching in the agriculture fields.
If possible we can distribute food essentials to these children there will be 70 children in this community.
But this will be additional budget along with our regular support.
We have mangoes this year but the yielding is very less. Thankyou very much by proving with good RO water, solar system, Computer and Sewing centre. We really enjoyed our stay at Challagundla all credit goes to the Parents Association of Sweden who took special care about us
I will get back to with more details soon. Once again thank you for your Love Care and Support.

With Love, Alice and Children.