Dear Swedish Parents,

We wish you all an advanced Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Hope you all might have in reciept of our Christmas cards. They all are hand made cards made by the children of Hope Childhome.
All the children are busy in the half yearly examinations and they will be over by 20th of Dec and after that we will have Christmas celebrations on the 22nd Dec. Children are enjoying their time in learning Christmas peasent. It is fun that both Mary and Joseph chracters are being played by the boys only since the girls are shy to act with boys in the play.
In the month of Nov children celebrated Diwali festival in the school campus. It is a very popular Hindu Indian festival. All the folks in the country will fire the crakers and enjoy their time eating sweets meeting their friends and relatives. Most of the houses will be filled with little lights in clay pots filled with sesame oil in the clay lamps. Majority of the Indians celebrate this festival. Children enjoyed the crakers and they were awake for the whole night.
We are happy for the visit of Bro.Samuel Tideman and came to know that you are very generous to support us with Solar system here at the Childhome and making our dream come true, through him during his visit to India. It is a must need for the School and childhome. Since, the state of Andhrapradesh is facing a severe powercut problem, your support for the Solar System is a big help for the children to drive away the darken days at Childhome.
Once, again thank you so much for your Love and thoughtfulness and for your immediated response for the right cause extending your valuble time and money.
Have a wonderful Christmas and A Happy New Year
With Love,
Alice and Children from the Hope Childhome,
Rajiv Gandhi Memorial High School for the Physically Challanged.
Challagundla, AP , India