Dear Swesish Parents,

Greetings to you all. Thankyou verymuch for the support you have given us for the pasr many years.
6 months were our in this 2019 and we were very much blessed with good food and facilities in the Children home with the Love and Care of the Swedish Parents.
The sizzling summer temperatures were recorded at high levels in the state. The government has issued an alert warning that the children and adults should be careful the another 30 days because of the dry and hot weather going to be prevail in the days to come.
The temperature crossed 46 degrees and the weather forecast said that until the first week of July there will be no signs of monsoons hit the state.
We have taken necessary measures to avoid the summer heat in the New Dorms.
This year we faced a big loss in fruit trees and rose plants due to heavy summer.
We allowed small children and crawling children to sleep in the Varandah. It was so hot in the rooms and out side also.
We are blessed to have sufficient drinking and usage water even though we face severe power fluctuations.
This month the New government was formed in India and in Andhrapradesh. This government will lost for another 5 years. Many changes in our state.
The New government has announced that the Saturday is no bag day which means children are not allowed to bring books, school bags and no uniform. This system is meant to encourage the child in all extracurricular activities no stress on education. At present children are enjoying the system.
The Volkswagen Germany supported to buy washing machines to the children which is a need to them all. One single person is operating them.
If we get the rain early then we will plan for the kitchen garden and plant some coconut and mango trees in the front land.
Once again thankyou verymuch for your care and support. We are counting our days to December to see our Dear Swedish Parents.

With Love,
Alice and Children