Ekonomisk rapport från Alice för Maj till 30 Juni 2013

Dear Parentes!
Here I am sending you the monthly financial of the Hope Childhome at Challagundla, India for the month of June 2013.
Balance remained for the May 2013——————————————————-Rs 10146
The total amount recieved for the month of June 2013——————————-Rs 66000
Rice—— The price of the rice is Rs 47 per one kg now——————————-Rs 12972
The price of the chicken is Rs 185 per one kg now————————————-Rs 10046
The price of the eggs is Rs 4.25————————————————————-Rs 4672
The price of the milk is stable and if we want to get
very good milk with 10% of fat it will cost more. The ———————————–Rs 9052
price of the milk will be caliculated with the percentage
of fat in it.
Banana———————————————————————————————-Rs 858
Mango———————————————————————————————–Rs 4680
Candalope——————————————————————————————Rs 2950
Sweet corn——————————————————————————————Rs 1242
Ice cream——————————————————————————————–Rs 1656
Icecream will be given for this month only and the summer is over by
the month of June. May be on some special occassions I will give serve
with Ice cream and cool drinks.
Cool drinks——————————————————————————————-Rs 840
Shampoo——————————————————————————————-Rs 1104
Bathing soaps————————————————————————————-Rs 1242
Washing soaps————————————————————————————Rs 1932
Tooth paste—————————————————————————————–Rs 1311
Coconut oil——————————————————————————————Rs 1725
500 ml big bottles———————————————————————————-Rs 600
Internet———————————————————————————————–Rs   400
Office Helper—————————————————————————————-Rs 3000
Medical Help—————————————————————————————-Rs 2300
Sanitary naps—————————————————————————————-Rs 960
The total expenditure for the month of June 2013 ————————————-Rs 63542
Balance remained for the month of June————————————————–Rs 2458
Balance remained for the May 2013——————————————————-Rs 12604
I am so glad to inform you that my sister Joyce’s husband Mr.Prathap
has happily agreed to give a little support to the regular drinking water
for the children. He promised that he will pay Rs 2000 per each month
for the drinking water to the children. Praise God for the new door that he
has opened for the children.

Here I am sending you the financial report for the month of May 2013

Balance remained for the April 2013—————————————————–Rs 9634

The total amount recieved for the month of of May 2013—————————-Rs 60,100

Rice–———————————————————————————————-Rs 12144
The price of the Rice is rising day by day due to no crops in the past year
because of the low rain fall. Since there is no cultivation for the paddy in Andhrapradesh
for the past year, according to the economic theory when there is short in supply the demand
will be high and the price will atomatically raise the price of the Rice is rising and we did not know at which point it will stop.
Chicken-——————————————————————————————–Rs 8280
The price of the chicken has drasticly raised in the last month. It raised suddenly due to the heavy summer and less production in the poultry it is even Rs 200 per Kg in some cities. I hope that these prices will get down by October 2013
At a price of Rs 4 the price of the Eggs—————————————————–Rs 4416
Milk-————————————————————————————————–Rs 9052
Banana———————————————————————————————-Rs 858
Mango———————————————————————————————–Rs 4150
Water melon—————————————————————————————Rs 2700
Sweet Corn—————————————————————————————-Rs 1242
Ice cream——————————————————————————————Rs 1656
Cool drink 7 up———————————————————————————–Rs 840
Shampoo——————————————————————————————Rs 1104
Bathing soaps————————————————————————————Rs 1242
Washing soaps———————————————————————————–Rs 1932
Toothpaste—————————————————————————————–Rs 1311
Coconut oil—————————————————————————————–Rs 1725
500ml-–5 bottles ——————————————————————————–Rs 600
Internet———————————————————————————————Rs 400
Office helper salary—————————————————————————- Rs 3000
Medicine——————————————————————————————-Rs 2000
Sanitary naps————————————————————————————Rs  960
The total expenditure for the month of May 2013———————————— Rs 59612
The Balance left for this month————————————————————–Rs 512
Balance remained for the May 2013——————————————————-Rs 10146
There is no hope that the price of the rice will get down this year. The only hope is that if we can get sufficient rain fall and the price will get little lower and chicken price will come down by the next few  months.
With Love Alice