Financial report for the month of April 2021

Essential Food Commodities & Hygiene Kits to Differently Abled & the Poor At CHALLAGUNDLA in Guntur District

Received amounts from Sweden Quantity Rupees
Cost items for this month:    
Provisions and hygiene #  
Rice 180 kg x 50 Rs 9000
Chicken 48 kg+ 16 kg x 210 Rs 13440
Eggs 720 + 240 x6 Rs 5760
Extra chicken (New Hope) 48 kg + 12 kg x 210Rs 12600
Milk 240 liters
Fruits (all fruits 4 times in a month)
Apple 320 x 12 Rs 3840
Watermelon 40 x 110 Rs 4400
Banana 640 x 3 Rs 1920
Guava 320 x 7 Rs 2240
Cosmetics and health
Washing Soaps 160 x 20 Rs 3200
Bathing soaps 160 x 26 Rs 4160
Shampoo 480 x 4 Rs 1920
Coconut oil 80 x 36 Rs 2880
Sanitary naps 28 x 50 Rs 1400
Diapers 2 boys 3720
Milkshake 6 x 440 Rs 2640
Sanitizer 80 x 40 Rs 3200
Medicine for covidcare 2500
Extra Diet
Idley 320 x 12 Rs 3840
Madras pongal 320 x 15 Rs 4800
Sweet corn 160 x10 Rs 1600
Extra Curry 8000
Hygine items
Harpic Bathroom cleaner 250 x 4 Rs 1000
Bleaching powder 5 kg x 150 Rs 750
Sanitizer 5liter cans 2 x 1000 Rs 2000
Salaries to the staff
Attendant Salary (Swedish parents) 5000
Maths’s teacher (Swedish parents) 8000
English Teacher (Swedish parents) 8000
Telugu teacher (New hope) 8000
Hindi Teacher (New hope) 4000
Sewing Teacher (Swedish parents) 5000
Health Instructor 5000
Cook Salary (Swedish parents) 6000
Total expenditure for the month 149810
Excess amount spent
Balance remaining (previous month) Mars 9735
Total balance remaining


This financial statement is for april 2021. All children stayed upto 22nd and only 25 children and 5 adults stayed till the end of the month and a number of 30 people stayed in the children home through out this Lockdown period.


The original amount was Rs 9000 we have already paid for one month since we always buy rice for whole month.


The total amount for chicken in one month Rs 13440 . An amount of Rs 10080  for 46 kgs paid for 20 days and the rest of Rs 3360  for 16 kgs paid for 30 people in 10 days.


Total 960 worth eggs were served for one hole month and out of it 720 eggs were served for 20 days to 80 children and 240 eggs worth of Rs 1440 served for 10 days for 30 persons. Since eggs will be brought for every week or for every 15 days depending on their availability couldn’t able to cut down the quantity.

Extra chicken (New Hope)

48 kgs of chicken is utilised in 20 days and on the 22nd of april there was a parent and care takers meet for the children to send them back to their homes.  So another 12kgs of chicken for Rs 2520 worth of chicken is served on this particular day along with the childrens quota.


8 litres of milk we get everyday.2 and half litres from one buffalo and 2 and half litre from another buffalo everyday in the morning. In the evening one buffalo gives 2 litres and the other one gives 1 litre only. Out of 5 buffalos one buffalo is pregnant and one got aborted. One buffalo has uterus prolapse and the vetenarian advised us not to go for any breeding since it involves with risk. We already had a problem with the same buffalo and I also shared the pics during its delivary time in the previous issue and now we wanted to sell it away.



240 apples were distributed for 20 days and the rest of the 80 apples were distributed in the parents meet on 22nd april


30 water melons were distributed in 20 days and 10 water melons were distributed in 10 days for 30 people.


480 bananas worth of Rs 1440 in 20 days and 160 bananas were distributed in 10 days which means distributed 2 bananas for 30 people for one time and rest of the 100 bananas and guava distributed to the hill side children on April 25t


240 guavas were distributed to the 80 children in 20 days one for child in a week worth of Rs 1680 and the rest of guavas distributed on the 25th evening program.

Cosmetics and health

All the cosmetic items were purchased for the whole month so there will be no variation in the budget.

Extra Diet

Extra diet was served 2 times once in a week. Since 55 children left on the 22 april and 25 children with 5 adults total a 30 people stayed back in the children home due to lock down there is no breakfast served by government hostel. So breakfast has been served for 7 days and rice was served for 3 days.


This extra diet is only once in a week.

960  idlys for 20 days which comes

3 idlys in one serving cost Rs 12 worth

Rs 2880. Another Rs 960 was spent for the 30 children for 3 servings in week

240 servings were done for 80 children in 20 days which is worth of Rs 3600 and the rest of the money was spent for 3 servings for 30 persons.

Madras Pongol

240 servings were done for 80 children in 20 days which is worth of Rs 3600 and the rest of the money was spent for 3 servings for 30 persons.

240 servings were done for 80 children in 20 days which is worth of Rs 3600 and the rest of the money was spent for 3 servings for 30 persons.

Extra Curry

This extra curry is being served 3 times in a week along with the diet given by the government. To prepare the extra dish there is a requirement for provisions like oil, mustard seeds,cumin seeds, onions,chilli powder, turmeric, tamarind, and veggies. Usually we get veggies and greens from our kitchen garden. We buy the ingredients and spices and oil only. This budget

Rs 8000 is for 20 days only.

With Love
Alice and Children, Childhome Challagundla