Financial report for the month of July 2021

Essential Food Commodities & Hygiene Kits to Differently Abled & the Poor At CHALLAGUNDLA in Guntur District
No.of children: 30
Mint kichidi  
Wheat upma  
Lemon rice  
Sub-total Rs 14 X 30X 30 days= Rs 12600
RICE: Boiled plain rice Rs 12X30X 30 days= Rs 10800
CURRY: Every day one veracity of vegetable, greens along with tomatoes will be made as curry

CHUTNEY: Chutneys are made with green and red chillies along with any vegetables, ground nuts. There is no menu without chutney in south Indian meal.

Rs 18X30X 30 days=Rs 16200
Sub-total Rs 27000
RICE: Plain boiled rice Rs 12 X 30X 30 days = Rs 10800
CURRY: The rainy season starts from July in our country so we had a raise in the price of the vegetable that’s why the price for veggie curry Rasam remained on an average of Rs 15 for single person.

RASAM: Rasam is made with tamarind juice, tomatoes added with black pepper, cumin and coriander seed powder. It is very good for digestion.

Rs 18 X 30 X 30 days =Rs 16200
Sub-total Rs 27000
Washing soaps Rs.28/-
Bathing soaps Rs.26/-
Paste Rs.10/-
Coconut oil Rs.36/-
Shampoo Rs.50/-
Sanitizer Rs.40/-
Sub-total Rs 190 X 30= Rs 5700
DETAILS: Rs 190 will cost for one single person for cosmetics for one month.
Mangoes, Bananas, Guava, Oranges 1440 Rs + 720 Rs + 720 Rs + 1200 Rs
Sub-total Rs 4080
3 eggs in a week 12 servings X Rs 6 X 30
Sub-total Rs 2160
Chicken curry once in a week 200 grms cost around Rs 48. One serving Rs 48 X 4 Weeks= Rs 192/For 30 persons 30 X Rs 192=Rs 5760
Sub-total Rs 5760
Maths teacher Rs.8000/-
English teacher Rs.8000/-
Hindi teacher Rs.8000/-
Telugu teacher Rs.8000/-
Health instructor Rs.5000/-
Sewing Teacher Rs.5000/-
Attender Rs.5000/-
Cook Rs.6000/-
Sub-total Rs.53000/-
Medical: Multivitamin tablets, Rs 1700
Bathroom cleaners, floor cleaners Rs 1400
Diapers for one boy Rs 1500
Sub-total Rs 4600
Total expenditure for the month Rs 141900
Balance remaining (previous month) Mars Rs 9735

With Love
Alice and Children, Childhome Challagundla