Financial report for the month of May 2021

Essential Food Commodities & Hygiene Kits to Differently Abled & the Poor At CHALLAGUNDLA in Guntur District

No.of children: 30

Mint kichidi
Wheat upma
Lemon rice
Sub-total Rs 14 X 30X 30days= Rs 12600
DETAILS: Each serving of breakfast will cost around Rs 14 per person on an average for example Pongal will cost Rs 16 per person and Upma will cost around Rs 12. So on an average I have calculated for breakfast item as Rs 14. Idly will be served twice in a week.
RICE: Boiled plain rice Rs 12X30X 30 days= Rs 10800
CURRY: Every day one veracity of vegetable, greens along with tomatoes will be made as curry

SAMBAR: This is a typical South Indian food made with lentils. It is widely used for the children in the hostels as a main dish and along with this other vegetable curries are served.

CHUTNEY: Chutneys are made with green and red chillies along with any vegetables, ground nuts. There is no menu without chutney in south Indian meal.

Rs15X30X 30 days=Rs 13500
Sub-total Rs 24300
DETAILS: Every meal is served with one veggie curry, chutney and Sambar along with boiled plain rice
RICE: Plain boiled rice Rs 12 X 30X 30 days = Rs 10800
CURRY: The rainy season starts from July in our country so we had a raise in the price of the vegetable that’s why the price for veggie curry Rasam remained on an average of Rs 15 for single person.

RASAM: Rasam is made with tamarind juice, tomatoes added with black pepper, cumin and coriander seed powder. It is very good for digestion.

Rs15 X 30 X 30 days =Rs 13500
Sub-total Rs 24300
Washing soaps Rs.28/-
Bathing soaps Rs.26/-
Paste Rs.10/-
Coconut oil Rs.36/-
Shampoo Rs.50/-
Sanitizer Rs.40/-
Sub-total Rs 190 X 30= Rs 5700
DETAILS: Rs 190 will cost for one single person for cosmetics for one month.
Bananas Rs 3X 30X 8 times= Rs 720
Guava Rs 6X30X4 times= Rs 720
Oranges Rs 10 X 30X 4= Rs 1200
Watermelon                    Rs 70 X 3 X4times = 840 (Each watermelon served for 10 children) (3fruiits per one day served 4 times in a month)
Sub-total Rs 3480
3 eggs in a week 12 servings X Rs6 X 30
Sub-total Rs 2160
200 gms for one person. The price of the chicken stood stable on Rs 240 per one Kg/6kgs for one week 24kgs X Rs 240=Rs 5760
Sub-total Rs 5760
Maths teacher Rs.8000/-
English teacher Rs.8000/-
Hindi teacher Rs.8000/-
Telugu teacher Rs.8000/-
Health instructor Rs.5000/-
Sewing Teacher Rs.5000/-
Attender Rs.5000/-
Cook Rs.6000/-
Sub-total Rs.53000/-
Medical : Mutivitamin tablets, Rs 800
Sub-total Rs 800
LPG (Gas) RS 1000 x 4= 4000
Sub-total Rs 4000
Total expenditure for the month Rs 136100
Balance remaining (previous month) Mars Rs 9735

With Love
Alice and Children, Childhome Challagundla