Financial report from Alice for the month of September 2013

Dear Parantes,
I am sending you the Financial report of the Childhome for the month of Sep 2013.
Balance remained for the August 2013————————————————–-Rs 15914
Amount recieved for the month of Sep 2013——————————————–Rs 66000
Balance remained for this month———————————————————–Rs 1912
The price of the rice was stable ————————————————————Rs 13386
The price of the chicken is also stable and expecting that the price will come down by Nov————————————————————————————————–Rs 9384
Eggs————————————————————————————————Rs 4672
Milk————————————————————————————————–Rs 9052
Guava———————————————————————————————–Rs 1380
Orange———————————————————————————————-Rs 2544
Apples———————————————————————————————–Rs 3360
Pomegranate————————————————————————————–Rs 3450
Sweet corn—————————————————————————————–Rs 1242
Spegetti Sweet————————————————————————————Rs 1380
Sugar and Jaggery——————————————————————————-Rs 720
Coconut oil—————————————————————————————–Rs 1725
500ml———————————————————————————————–RS 600
Tooth paste—————————————————————————————Rs 1311
Washing soaps———————————————————————————–Rs 1932
Bathing soaps————————————————————————————Rs 1242
Medicine——————————————————————————————-Rs 2300
Sanitary Naps————————————————————————————-Rs 1008
Office Attender———————————————————————————–Rs 3000
Internet———————————————————————————————Rs 400
The total expenditure for the month of September————————————Rs 64048
The total balance remained for the month of September 2013—————–—–Rs 1912
Balance remained for the September 2013—————-—————————–Rs 17826
With love