Greetings to you all from India.

Thank you very much for your valuble support for all the physically challanged children in the Hope Childhome in India.
Now the summer is terrible in Andhrapradesh, India. The heat is 48 degrees now. we are wetting the ground in the night time to aviod heat from the ground since our childhome is located in the midst of the hills. we have wheather extreemeties during the winter and summer. The sun rises by 6 in the morning and sets by 7 in the evening and during the day the sun is very hot and for all these 4 months we have face the sunny days.
20 days back we had depression in the bay of Bengal and it rained for 4 hours. we really enjoyed the cool weather in this hot summer.
We get lot of mangos,water melons,coconuts in this season. we get one kind of banana in this season called sugar banana which tastes very sweet like sugar and it is little bit expensive than the regular bananas.
We have almost a good number of fruit trees planted in the childhome except banana plants because they grow in good soil. we have stoney ground in the childhome.
We are growing 6 turkey chicks now. One of the school teacher donated they to the children. We have lot of dogs in the chidhome and we are afraid of the protection of these chicks from the dogs. We cannot let the dogs go out because they protect us all the time and if a stranger comes in the campus he or she  has to dare to death if they come in the night time.
The children are really enjoying the mosquito nets given by the swedish parents. All the children sleep outside during the night and they put the nets around their cots, but the girls wont sleep out side only the boys.
Since there is no crops this year due to the water scarecity, we have less mosquito bites this year. Other wise we have to live with the mosquitos all the time.
The growing plants in the chilhome are withering little because of the sever heat. Thank the Lord for giving you such great heart for givin us the borewell for the children. This new bore for water has become a great blessing in providing sufficient water to all the children and tanets in the campus.
All the children helped us in painting the main gate and the children park inside. One of our church member who visited the children helped us to buy the painting meterial. Now our children park looks very beautiful with the new colours.
We all are praying that the gracious Lord will grant us all good health during this summer and protect us in his mighty hands from this terrible heat.
I told the children that sweden has full of snow during this season. They expressed that they would like to see the pictures if possible.
All the children are enjoying the mangos and butter milk.
Once again thankyou all for your love and concern and we will be praying for you all for the the repayable love.

With Love
Alice and all the Children from the Hope Childhome India