Hösten är här och sommaren är ett minne blott, semestern var alltför kort och livet börjar återgå till de vanliga rutinerna igen, med jobb och skola. Vi håller kontakt med Alice regelbundet via telefon, det hon berättat händer på barnhemmet är att alla berörs av dessa två händelser.

I indien i stort är det lite rörigt, dels i området runt barnhemmet på grund av strejken som nu har pågått ett tag, dels på barnhemmet eftersom en lärare har blivit sjuk, hon undervisar i hindi och är ca 50 år, hon ligger i koma på ett sjukhus i Viyavarda. Det är ca 10 mil från barnhemmet.

Alice skriver:

Her name is Mrs. Ravi kumari and she teaches Hindi at Challagundla School. A lady sitting in the wheel chair attending the children in the school. Her both legs were paralized long back ago and  she got operated twice but of no use. She remained paralyzed. Now she is in coma and was not able to recognize anybody. The Doctor said that he can do nothing since she has been on wheels for long time. She has two children, daughter studying 11th grade and son 9th grade. The doctor told it is out of his hands. So they kep her on fluids.

She has been working in the Childhome for the past 35 years. Her children and husband are crying and none of family member turned to see her because it costs them alot to come and see. I felt it is my bounden duty at least to take her to the hospital to see the concern doctor, since I know her from my childhood.
So far the strike in Andhrapradesh is going on and do not know they will call it off. The central government is still silent and did not given any decision on dividing the state or to restore it as same. So many nagotiations are going and none of them worked out. Since we live on the coastal belt of AP it is going to affect our area. We have 23 districts in AP. Mrs.Sonia Gandhi has declared division among the Telugu people 10 districts with Hyderabad as Telangana and the remaining 13 districts as Seemandhra pradesh. I belong to the 13 districts. All the government and private offices are closed and no is working except the privated educational institutions like us.We are facing a big turmoil in the State and do not know when we will come back to the norms. No transportation, no power, no government officies working, no shops opened.
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