Here I am sending the monthly financial report for the month of July 2018

The total number of children are 90.
I am giving the financial report for the 90 children.

Total amount received for the month of July——————————————Rs 161000

Rice: 360kg————————————————————————————Rs 18000
Chicken: (4 kgs of Chicken added to the regular menu each child gets 200gms
We use to give them 14 kgs per one week. Now 18kgs—————————Rs 12960
Eggs: (Each egg is Rs 5, 90x5x4times x4 weeks)———————————-Rs 7200
Milk: 14 litrs of milk previously now 18 litrs +Rs 3800+butrmilk each ltr is Rs 50
Litrs 18xRs50x16times———————————————————————Rs 18200
Extra chicken : New Hope another Rs 2360 was added. Rs 2360
according to the original price of the chicken he chicken Rs 10600–total—-Rs 12960
Apples: —————————————————————————————-Rs 4320
Banana:—————————————————————————————-Rs 1800
Guava:—————————————————————————————–Rs 1980
Pomegranate:——————————————————————————–Rs 3960
Washing Soaps:—————————————————————————–Rs 2700
Bathing soap:———————————————————————————Rs 1926
Shampoo:————————————————————————————-Rs 1620
Toothpaste:———————————————————————————–Rs 1800
Coconut oil:———————————————————————————–Rs 3375
Diapers :—————————————————————————————Rs 3720
(No changes in diapers) Milkshake mix:———————————————-Rs 1940
Medicine:————————————————————————————–Rs 1800
Extra Nutritious Diet:
Idly:———————————————————————————————Rs 5940
(each plate 4 idly with chutney cost Rs 16.50 some grown-Up children eats 5-6 idlies)Indian doughnut:—————————————————————————-Rs 5580
(each plate vada 4 pieces per plate with chutney Rs 15.50)
Extra curry:———————————————————————————–Rs 5500
Sago Sweet:———————————————————————————Rs 2070
Administrative Cost:
Accountant Salary:————————————————————————-Rs 3000
Attendant Salary:—————————————————————————Rs 3000
Cook Salary:———————————————————————————Rs 2500
Computer master:————————————————————————–Rs 6000
Maths Teacher:—————————————————————————–Rs 7000
English Teacher:—————————————————————————Rs 7000
Sewing Teacher:—————————————————————————Rs 3000
Internet:—————————————————————————————Rs 1200
Electricity bill:——————————————————————————–Rs 800

Total expenditure for the month of July———————————————–Rs 152851
Balance remaining————————————————————————–Rs 7149
Balance remained for the June 2018—————————————––—–––Rs 18967
Balance remained for the July 2018—————————————––—––—Rs 26116

With Love
Alice and Children, Childhome Challagundla