I am sending the financial report for the month of March 2015.

Dear Swedish Parents,

The total amount received for the month of March 2015—————————-Rs 68000

Rice————————–——————————————————————–Rs 12420

Chicken———————–——————————————————————Rs 8506

( The goverment is warning that they have find some
  Bird flu cases in Hyderabad So they have warned us.
 We do not have any cases found in Andhrapradesh.
 Hope we  will not get effected with the birdflu in our own state).
Eggs————————–——————————————————————-Rs 4100
Milk————————–———————————————————————Rs 9936

( The price of the milk will raise little high in this summer)

Pears————————-——————————————————————-Rs 1718
Apples——————————————————————————————-Rs 3250

Water melon————————-———————————————————- Rs 3200

Bathing soaps————————-———————————————————Rs 1380
Washing soaps————————-——————————————————–Rs 1932
Sanitary Naps————————–———————————————————Rs 1008
Tooth paste————————-————————————————————-Rs 1242
Coconut oil—————————————————————————————Rs 2297
Shampoo———————–——————————————————————Rs 1311
Sweet corn————————–————————————————————-Rs 1242
Milk shake————————-—————————————————————Rs 1536
Madras pongal———————————————————————————–Rs 1680
Medicine———————-———————————————————————Rs 2100
Accountant salary——————————————————————————-Rs 3000
Attandant salary———————————————————————————Rs 3000

Internet———————-———————————————————————–Rs 500

Total expenditure for the month of March 2015——————————————-Rs 65358
Balance remained——————————————————————————-Rs 2642
Balance remained for the Febuary 2015—————-————————–———-Rs 584

Balance remained for the March 2015—————-————————–———– -Rs 3226

With Love
Alice and Children, Childhome Challagundla