Letter to Swedish Parents 2021 December

Dear Swedish Parents,
Greetings to you all. We are very happy to inform you that we together stared our journey j10 years ago and we are going to celebrate the decinnial ( completion of ten years partnership) celebrations in 2022.
We are very thankful for the support and help given Swedish parents through tout these past years even in the tough times like COViD situations. Many developments took place in terms of infrastructure and especially building the careers of the differently Abled children. Our lives has been transformed and through educational support and also by providing disable friendly environment.
We wish that the Swedish Parents team can visit us in 2022 if not 2023 to celebrate the joyous occasion together the Decinnial and the 40 years of school establishment together.
We are happy that no child is affected with any COViD cases. We are taking necessary measures maintenaning healthy environment in the school and children home.
At present the government has postponed the idea of surrendering  the staff from the private management like us. But this is temporary. May in the future they may ask again to take away the staff since it’s a big financial burden to government to maintain the management schools. Since our school is special school we hope that there may little exemption otherwise we have to run on our own.
Special events 2021:
1.The Volkswagen has supported for beams and beams and pillars to the school ground which is a worth of 134000 Swedish kronars. It’s is only for the construction of beams and pillars not the brick wall. Now we have find support to build the worth for which I will be submitting the proposal soon  to Swedish parents for the completion of the brick wall.
2. 10 solar street lights were given to the school and children home .
3. A set of batteries were given for the solar system.
This is the main help we receive from VWEF Germany this year for our school and children home for which are very thankful to them.
One preschool was stared for the preschool children from the hillside tribal community. 25 children were enrolled in the preschool.
Academically children  are studying deligiently and working hard since the school started officially in September 2021. More assignments and more hours of study for which I am not convinced since children need time for sports and recreation to lead a healthy life.
This year we lost 5 of our dear ones who stood with us for the past 50 years. We hope and Pray that we all will be in a safe during this 3rd wave because we have been warned about the 3rd variant Omicron.
We Pray and Hope we all will be free soon from COViD 19 and will lead a normal life.
Thanks once again for all your LOVE, CARE and SuPPORT especially for Samuel tideman for his tireless efforts Swedish parents for their unconditional Love  and for all the donars and Sponsers who has been great pillars in building the careers of these most needy children.
With Love,
Alice and Staff