Letter to Swedish Parents- February 2022

Dear Swedish Parents ,

Greetings to you all from RGMHS, Challagundla, India. Finally, we all said good bye to please tell winter and entered into Hot Summer. Temperatures are increasing day by day. The weather reporter says that this summer is going to terrible. Water canals were stopped for agriculture and only little water will be allowed for drinking purpose. School are going to be run on long sessions from 15th March which means 7:00 am to 1:00 pm and tuition classes from evening 4 pm to 6 pm since the schools were stared late last year.
All the children are preparing diligently for the exams. No children were complained with any health issues.
Children got an opportunity to participate in a seminar conducted by VWEF on climate
Changes and protecting the environment. Few of the boys and girls were given some training on for 3 days in Vijayawada Chiguru. This was really useful 3 resource persons from different areas shared their experiences and gave lectures on protecting our environment and Earth. There were classes also identifying the medicine plants in our area which the Ancient Indians were using and are still in existence. We have identified such plants in our school campus and we all took an oath that we will protect and preserve them for future use.it is really very good learning experience for all us.
Import events happened in February 2022 at school campus:
Regi Sir from Tdh Bangalore visited along with another coordinator Challagundla for 3 days and varified the sponsored items given by VWEF, Germany and gave a satisfactory report. They both had an interaction with both children and staff.
VWEF sponsored items for 2021:
1. Beams and pillars for the compound wall around the school campus for an extent of 400 meters a worth of Rs 1100000 ( 130000  Swedish kronars).
2. 10 solar street lights worth of Rs 290000
 ( 36000 Swedish kronars)
3. 16 batteries for solar lights in the school and dormitory since our old batteries were worn out.
Cost Rs 240000 ( 30000 Swedish kronars)
Totally a worth of 200000 Swedish kronars were spent for the infrastructure development of the school and children.
Children  asked for a new school building but they said since it is a big project and Tdh will not support any infrastructure development they cannot consider this request. More over Rajiv Gandhi Memorial High School for Differently Abled is the only exception in their project being given support to the infrastructure under special school category. We do not know whether it is the word from VWEF or Tdh Bangalore. But said we will inform the same to our Swedish parents. We hope that Sam and Swedish parents will take a decision over it to proceed further.
Children are planning for a farewell program by the end of this month inviting all our former students. I will give the details very soon.
Very happy to inform you that a team of our children a 4 number are visiting near by schools for one hour  once with in a week giving presentations on protecting the earth and environment by separating the plastic waste, glass and iron waste. Children are also encouraging the other children to raise organic gardens in their school areas. This is wonderful program going on for the past one month and many schools are appreciating us taking
Thanks for the support and care you have given to all of us and we come with more updates in my next report. All these developments are possible through your support only. Thanking you all for all the Love and Care you are showing on
us by moulding us as best  citizens .
Thanking you,
Alice and children.