Letter to the Swedish parents

Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. We all are safe and healthy during this second wave of Pandamic and we do hope all of you are safe and sound.
Thankyou very much for your Love and support. We owe a great debt of gratitude for all the help and support you have given us during these two years of Pandamic. We do not really know your situation in Sweden ,you may have job problems, health problems and financial constraints. But apart from all your hardships you have extended you Love and Support to us to bring smile in our faces.
No words are enough to say Thanks to you all.
We are happy that no child was affected with COViD 19. No reports and cases were recorded. Only two of our staff members were effected with COViD and one went up to death bed, fortunately he recovered after a long hospitalisation.
Only students of 25 children stayed in the Childrenhome and they had a good time here.
We thank God none of them were affected with COViD. All the measures for sanitation has been taken and even the children got used to the hygiene system.
We are happy that the government declared promotion to the next class level without exams only by bases on their quarterly test results. We have been waiting for the government’s decision for the past three months and they have finally declared that these children can join in the Gurjit classes.
16 of our high school children are being promoted for the college level. We have no new admissions for 2020. But this year we had new admissions. We are waiting for the government to accord permission to start this academic year. We hope that by the first week of August we will start the school.
Teachers are attending every alternative day.
For these past two months children had more classes on English and Maths because these are the tough and important subjects to join in the college level. More grammar classes in English were taught to them.
Hindi teacher was moved to another town since her husband got transferred to another town . So she attended only up to 15th of April. No Hindi classes till May. No we have got new teacher since the schools yet to start she will come from August.
Some children learned sewing also. We grew our own vegetables but in the month of May because of the heavy heat the greens were gone and only few veggies are left. We have again ploughed the ground and going to plant more veggies again.
Buffaloes are fine and two of them became old and had a problem with uterus prolapse. We would like to get new ones soon. It’s good the share that they survived in the heavy summer.
We celebrated the important days like international day of disabilities, earth day and day day no to child labor day etc.
Made some seed balls and throw it on the hill Hope at least some plants will grow on the hill in the future.
We have got nicely fixed wash basins in the dining area with the help of Volkswagen now. Thanks to the VWEF.
Thanks for the Swedish Parents Association for extending your Love and Care.

Thanking you,
Alice and Children