This is a true story about a girl in the childhome

This girl”s name is Uppuluri. Sruthi. She is a polio effected girl in both her legs and in one hand. She is the eldest daughter in the family. She  has one elder brother and a younger sister. Her younger sister is also a polio child and studying in our school and childhome. Her parents are daily labours. Her father was a rickshaw puller.

They live in a very remote village where there is no transportation. I met this family 6 years ago while I am waiting for a ride to Challagundla School. This girl”s father took me to the school in his rickshaw. He travels 40km every day to earn his livelyhood.

I came to know about his family and that same day I went and visited their family. I was really moved by their situation. Their mother has to carry these two young girls on her arms for nature’s call (toilet) and she has to carry them one by one to bed.

I came to know from their neighbours that these girls are very intellegent and if they can be provied with good food and facilities they can have a better life.

I came to know eating one full egg is a blessing for them since two girls share one egg only one egg in 1 month. That is their financial status.

This girl cannot walk she crawls on the ground. Even she cannot handle the tricycle since she had a bad grip in the right hand but some how she learned to ride it and now she is able to ride it.

She is very much interested in mathemetics and science. She would like to become a computer Engineer. She is very thankful to the Swedish parents for providing them with better facilities and with good nutrious food where they are craving for good food.

Once again she is expessing her gratitude to the Swedish parents for their love and concern. There may be many rich Indians in India but many of them do not have the heart to reach out to the needy. Though you did not see them in person it is your heart that is reaching us.

With Love,