Dear Swedish parents,

Greetings to you all. Thankyou very much for the great support you are giving to us.This year we are experiencing a heavy hot summer. The temperature varies from 41 degrees to 47 degrees depending on the heat. We never had experienced such hot summer in the past. The funniest part of this summer is during the night it is getting better and early in the morning some days we are getting wet with morning dew.
15 days ago we had a heavy rain in the night due to depression we did not have power for the whole day. We are very fortunate to have lights and fans on because of your visionary help of fixing the solar system. A big thanks for SOLAR SYSTEM , Sam and Tolvsfillingelphn .
We had mangoes and gooseberry fruits this year. We did not know the exact problem with the mango trees because they gave few mangoes this year. The end of the leaves are getting dry. We gave fertilizers but did not work well. May there is vitamin and mineral deficiency. We will figure it. With the few mangoes we had we prepared mango pickle and with the gooseberries also we made some pickles.
One of our family friends son along with his friends visited the childhome and he donated a cool water dispensing machine to the children. So this summer children are drinking cool water. I thank God for sending the generous people to help the Childhome.
The rose plants are severely affected by this summer. Most of them died. We need to put green mesh on the top of the plants to protect from the heat.
Children enjoy learning the computers and looking forward to learn more skills to live on their own. Thank you very much for supporting us to put the false roof  in the computer room to protect the systems and us from the summer heat.
We came to know through Sam you all been thinking constantly to improve the living conditions and facilities of the childhome to give us a better future. Our own parents and relatives will not even think about us. But living thousands of kilometers away from us you  never stopped thinking about us. Thankyou very much for Sam,johan and the association for making it possible and showing us that the real love has no boundaries.

With love,
Alice and children